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the cannabis scout has lived and breathed commercial and personal cannabis licenses in Canada for over a decade.

our single most important objective is to obtain your Health Canada approval.

Our team of compliance experts walk you through the rigorous Health Canada application process to ensure your success.

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Our team's track record of successful Commercial & Personal applications is a testament to our recognition as a leader in drafting successful applications with Health Canada.


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standard producer


Providing a 2 in 1 package (Standard Cultivator, Standard Processor)

a Standard producer license allows applicants to cultivate plants & manufacture Cannabis oil with no limitations, unlike Micro Producers.

If you are interested in becoming a Standard Cultivator & Processor, please click the button below.


micro cultivator

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MICRO cultivation PROCEDURES ALLOWS APPLICANTS TO CULTIVATE PLANTS WITH CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS SUCH AS Plant surface area cannot exceed 200m2 (includes multiple surfaces such as surfaces vertically arranged)

If you are interested in beCOMING A MICRO CULTIVATOR, please click the button below.


micro processor


MICRO processor PROCEDURES ALLOWS APPLICANTS TO MANUFACTURE CANNABIS OIL of up to 600kg of dried cannabis (or equivalent) in 1 calendar year & package product.

NOTE: If licence holder also holds a micro-cultivation licence for the same site and the cannabis comes exclusively from that site, this maximum quantity does not apply.

If you are interested in becoming a micro processor, please click the button below.




A nursery allows applicants to develop genetics for the production of seeds, seedlings and clones in a total surface area of no more than 50m2.

note: Maximum of 5kg of flowering heads harvested from plants with the exception of seeds. Must destroy the flowering heads (with the exception of the cannabis plant seeds), leaves and branches of the plants within 30 days of harvesting them.

If you are interested in becoming a Nursery, please click the button below.